Countdown to UK publication day....!

Filled with sumptuous descriptions of the music and food of Sardinia, Alexander’s pleasurable tale will appeal to fans of Louis de Bernieres’s Corelli’s Mandolin.
— Publisher's Weekly

I’m ensconced in our upstate New York hideaway, reconnecting with my husband’s family. Days are sunny, long and lazy. But I’m a-fizz. That’s because there’s little over two weeks before the protagonist I’ve loved writing about this past year is let loose. Her name is Alba Fresu and she is a fierce pianist living her story in 1970s Rome, a city she has fled to in defiance of her father’s wishes after learning the piano in secret. Her story is passionate and complicated and I loved every second of writing about her. Here’s the trailer for the story that has resonated in my (Sardinian) soul and which I’m thrilled to share. The Last Concerto is out August 22nd in the UK and I hope that the story and its characters seduces readers as much as it has me.