A little background info...

I grew up in a leafy part of North West London, UK and am a proud alumni of Hampstead Comprehensive School, having graduated in the days when we called our political, passionate teachers by their first names, and were sent on school trips to Egypt and Russia. Playful anarchy sang through our art and drama departments where I spent the bulk of my time. I went on to the University of Bristol graduating with a BA honours in Theatre, Film & Television, followed by a postgraduate diploma in acting from Drama Studio London.

My professional name for all my acting work is Eva Alexander - after my Polish great grandmother. Her surname was "Starr" -  I didn't have the guts aged 17 to walk into an audition with such a glittery name trailing me. More fool me.

My theatre credits include productions for the RSC, National Theatre and European tours. I've enjoyed television guest spots on several British shows including Cuffs & Dr. Who, and have been a series regular in two seasons of The Mysti Show and Hounded (also BBC). Film work includes Annetta in Franco Zeffirelli’s Sparrow and Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows part one - as the moody headphone wearing Italian waitress in the infamous café fight scene.

The guise I'm most fond of is Mariela Frushtuupulu, my heavily moustached Sardinian alter-ego...

Vids, pics about that side of my work can be found here:



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Fun(ish) Facts?

1. My Sardinian is fledgling (enough for a quick gossip but no lengthy stories) but my Italian is fluent.

2. Our allotment is my third child

3. Get me beside a live swing band and I'll Lindy Hop till I drop.

4. My family are SO bored of me asking them how come I'm not on Strictly again this year?

5. I'm a pianist and wannabe Jazz legend / bass player

6. I once 'met' dance legend Baryshnikov along the corridors of The White House because my bag fell to the floor and exploded its contents. He helped me pick them up. For a (snatched) breath I was actually Carrie from Sex in the City.