I'm a British actress and writer of Sardinian descent who loves stories (listening, reading, passing them on), food (making, sharing, eating) and wandering around places I don't yet know. My work dances across different disciplines, both on and off the page. I love probing the vulnerability and exhilaration of live and recorded performance, prizing open other worlds through my writing and the intimacy of audio work.


1. My family are SO bored of me asking them, ‘How come I'm not on Strictly Come Dancing this year?’ I’m invoking sequins, utterly undeterred.

2. My Sardinian is fledgling (enough for a quick gossip but no lengthy stories) but my Italian is fluent.

3. Our allotment is my third child.

3. Get me beside a live swing band and I'll Lindy Hop till I drop.

4. My heart sings loudest (and almost in key) when I’m improvising at the piano.

6. Playing electric bass in a show for Complicite` was even better than the rock star fantasies that live in my head.

7. I once 'met' dance legend Baryshnikov along the corridors of The White House because my bag fell to the floor and exploded its contents. He helped me collect my splayed belongings. We locked eyes (profound blue) for a snatched breath. It did wonders for my already over-active imagination.